Who is Team Green?

Team Green Adventures was established by Lightning 100 (WRLT 100.1 FM) in 1996 as a way to get our listeners involved in an active lifestyle. We remain a local company based in Nashville, TN, though we have participants and members who join our events from other cities and states! Through adventure we promote health, community service, and environmental awareness. Check out our calendar and pick the adventure that’s right for you!

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Commit to Commute Challenge



May 15-June 19th

Team Green Adventures and Harpeth Bicycles challenge you to get out of your vehicle and onto your bike for this month long Commit to Commute challenge. Leading up to May 15th, visit Harpeth Bicycles (330 Mayfield Dr, Franklin, TN) to get your bike tuned up, or scope out a new ride for the challenge. Team Green members receive 10% off any non-sales merchandise in the shop!

On May 15th, get on your bike and start Logging Your Miles (email Lindsay@harpethbikes.com for instructions). We challenge you to ride your bike to work, to the park, on the Natchez Trace, to the grocery store, around the neighborhood, or anywhere else you think fit. See the difference it makes in your carbon footprint, your health, and your wallet! With gas prices ranging from $3.75 to $4 a gallon, save some cash and get fit!

Log your miles through June 19th, and on June 25th come out to Yazoo Brewery for our Commit to Commute celebration. All cyclists are eligible to win great prizes for participating!

In the meantime, check out Keeley’s cycling progress. She’ll be sharing her commuting experience as a first time commuter through her Lightning 100 Blog.

Event Comments

  1. Carl Wade | May 3, 11:58 AM

    I’m a regular year round bicycle commuter. I’m so glad you are doing this to encourage more people to join me and the few other bicycle commuters I have met during the past four years. I cycle from Donelson to downtown using the Shelby Bottoms greenway. I have met commuters from Hermitage and Mt Juliet and of course Donelson. One morning this spring three of us were on the same schedule and it was like bicycle commuter rush hour, but there wasn’t any cutting each other off nor flipping off nor rage. We chatted about the beautiful day and of course bicycles.
    Thanks again for doing this. Look forward to meeting more bicycle commuters and creating a Nashville bicycle commuter rush hour.

  2. Team Green | May 3, 12:47 PM

    Carl, you are so welcome! And thank YOU for the encouragement!

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